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Greetings, traveller!

Let me guess, fellow reader, you are a wanderer. You like to scroll around the web, read about what excites you, what interests you, do things, do things with friends. We all do. We are all wanderers who never reach the end of the road. Even when we take our last breath of life the end of the path is hard to see. But then we smile looking back on all the knowledge we have gathered, all the hardships and success we have gone through, all the love and broken hearts, all the victories and losses.And you know what? They don't matter. Because what truly matters is what you have now, what you are now.

One day I will be old and wrinkled and be sitting and looking at this blog, a tiny grain in the universe, and will be smiling because I will know this helped me grow. I might have loved it, might have hated it sometimes but in the end it all comes together to form a part of me, part of my I. And by the time you are reading I might have changed, I will have probably become even better at some thing but I will remember with gratitude in my heart, just like you remember who nurtured you, that it was a part of the puzzle to complete the bigger picture.

During my time at university I was given the opportunity to participate in the Student Development Award. The purpose of the award is to stimulate students to participate in extra-curricular activities, thus boosting their future career prospects. I have found that the real reward is gaining the knowledge to understand the skills each of us puts behind completing tasks.

When I first came to Bournemouth University I was shy, insecure, immature and going through a difficult event in my life. I used to stay in my own little bubble of fears and kept quiet. But I was determined. I wanted to follow my dreams away from the 7 years of horror in school, bad educational system and peers whose behavior can be compared to that of wildlings.

As I progressed with my life at university and the award (which I managed to start only in my second year as when I learned of it, it was too late to enroll in first year) I became more mature, I had new experiences and met people who were more accepting and willing to listen. Beginning to think on my Reflective Writing I discovered things about myself I had never noticed and I began to appreciate them with each day. I learned to accept and understand myself, thus managing to overcome a very difficult event from my past. I became more determined and lost weight which in return made me more confident about my image. I know my limits, my strengths and weaknessess. Of course, there is always room for something new and I am open to new experiences. I try to keep to my word and follow my own principles thoroughly. I am not there yet, but the fight continues.

Nevertheless the SDA has been a great challenge to take on and I have found it entertaining. I deffinitely encourage everyone who has the guts to excel in their personal development to take up the award. But do remember, this is just the first step or so it has been for me.

Thank you.

Points so far

*Self-employed Enterprise UK [20 points]

*Part-time Assistant role [10 points]

* Student Rep [20 points]

* Academic Skills4Study Tutorials (4) [20 points]

* Academic Skills workshops (4) [20 points]

* Media: Visual Effects Artist [30 points]

* General sport and fitness - non-varsity and Free Your Fitness (12 weeks) [10 points]

* Self Awareness Course- Chaplaincy (6 weeks) [20 points]

* Club/Society Member [10 points]

* Voluntary activity within/outside UK (one-off participant/lead) [20 points]

* Course/Qualification (1-6 weeks ) [10 points]

Total: 190

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About me

I am currently studying Computer Visualisation and Animation in Bournemuth University and I am in my final year with prospects of achieing a 2.1 degree. My interest lies in compositing which is the post-production side of the 3D pipeline and after I finish my studies I will strive to get into the working market. My carrier goal is to be a compositor, working on big live-action feature movies as part of a team in a VFX company.

Personally, I am interested in cosplay, photography, filmmaking, video editing and acting. I make my own costumes and write stage plays, then perform in them. For 8 years I have been into AMV (anime music video) editing which led me to pursue this career path. My current personal goal is to start making live-action videos dedicated to my favourite anime series.

I am doing the Student Development Award because it has given me a wonderful opportunity to understand and develop qualities that are essential for me as a human being. If they asked me if I wanted to do it again, I'd gladly say yes.

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