Getting started

The following guidance covers how to build an individual portfolio. If you are building a group portfolio view the Group Portfolio guidance.

  • A portfolio allows you to collate and present your content.
  • Pages can be created where you can choose a layout and add a range of media including text, images, videos and files.
  • If you create multiple pages, these can be combined in a Collection. This will also be essential when submitting multiple pages.

Think about the type of content you would like to add to your page - text, links to files, images, videos, web links. Plan how you would like the information to be displayed and allocate tasks to individual members in your group accordingly.

This guidance covers the following steps:

  • Create a page
  • Add page content
  • Adjust page layout
  • Collect evidence and artefacts
  • Create a collection

Create a page:

  • Click on the main menu in the top right hand corner of the page, then click + Create and Pages and collections.


  • Click the Add button to add a page.


  • Click Page


  • Give your page a meaningful title (which will appear at the top of the page)
  • Write a brief description about the page (optional)


  • Scroll down and click to expand the Layout section
  • Choose a layout for your page, this can be adjusted later if you change your mind.


  • Scroll down and click Save.

Add page content:

Next you will be able to add content to your page. There a range of different types of content that can be added which are available from the left hand menu.

  • Choose the type of content that you want to add and then either click on it, or drag it onto your portfolio page.
  • Add meaningful title, this will display on your page as a heading for this content. 
  • Add your content (e.g. text, image etc....) and click Save.

For further guidance on the types of content you can add view the 'Adding and editing content' video in the right hand column of this page or the text version.


  • When you have finished editing your page scroll down and click Display page to see how it will look.


  • To re-edit the page click on the pencil icon in the top right hand corner to return to Edit mode.


  • Continue to build pages as required for your portfolio, these can then be added to a Collection.

> Support:

For support with Mahara please contact the IT Service Desk:

• Phone (available 24/7): (01202) 965515

• Or Report your problem online


Guidance videos

mahara 1 creating a page.PNG

mahara 2 adding and editing content.PNG

mahara 3 creating a collection.PNG

Page layout:

If you wish to change the layout of your page, then just click on the pencil icon in the top right hand corner to return to edit mode, and then click Settings.


Now click on the Layout section to open the layout options.

Click Save.


Collecting evidence and artefacts

Whilst you can upload your content as you build your portfolio you can also collect evidence and artefacts as you go and then add these to your portfolio at a later point.

This is done using the Files section in Mahara. Your files area has a quota of 250MB so if you need to link to videos then it is recommended to store these on a video hosting platform like YouTube, Vimeo or Panopto.

When adding content to your Portfolio the Files area will be available so that you can add stored files to your portfolio.

  • Click on the menu in the top right hand corner
  • Click + Create
  • Click Files


  • To upload files to your Files area you will need to tick the box to confirm that your content is compliant with Copyright and then you can upload or drag files onto the page to add them.
  • From this page you can also view and manage the files that you have already uploaded.

Note: Content in your files area is private. Other users can only see this content when you add it to a Portfolio that you have either shared or submitted for an assessment (in this case it will only be visible to your tutor).

Create a collection:

A collection is a set of pages that are linked to each other and have the same access permissions. You can create as many collections as you like, but a page cannot appear in more than one Collection. If your portfolio involves more than one page then you'll need to combine these as a Collection. This is also important when it comes to submitting your portfolio.

To build a collection:

  • From menu in the top right hand corner, click + Create and then Pages and collections.


  • Click Collection


  • Give your collection a meaningful title. If you are submitting your collection it is recommended to use your name and then the title of your portfolio
  • You can also add a short description about your collection
  • The Page navigation bar is enabled by default, this will add a navigation menu to help users view it's pages.
  • Click the Next: Edit collection pages button
  • Drag page names from the 'Add pages to collection' box or tick the check boxes and click the 'Add pages' button to move pages to 'Pages already in collection'.
  • You can drag page names or use the arrow buttons to re-order pages in the 'Pages already in collection' area. Click Done when your pages are in order.


Once you have created a collection you will see it on your Pages and collection area as a thumbnail with a shadow behind it. The number on the collection indicates how many pages are included.

  • To edit the Collection name, click on the three dots and then click Edit.
  • To add, remove or re-arrange pages within the collection, click the three dots and then click Manage